10 Best Diaper Rash Creams – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Parents always get worried when they see any rash or injury on the babies’ little and soft skin. And when it comes to diaper rashes parents get desperate to help kids to get rid of rashes from the diaper.

Because kids get rashes from the moisture and humidity of the overnight diaper. Parents try many things to fix it one of the mothers applied her breast milk to the rashes as she checked it on the internet and even it didn’t work.

It is very common in babies and it has been linked with the headache of new mothers as they have no idea how to deal with kids because there are different type of rashes and all types have different causes which make mothers more worried and anxious for finding the solutions for the cure of these rashes which doesn’t allow little ones to sleep peacefully and mothers struggle along with them at night. So parents try a lot of creams and remedies to cure the rashes of babies.

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Some of the remedies work and few don’t depend upon the type of the rashes. But the most common type of rashes are caused by diapers and it further causes headaches for the mothers, if new parents are reading this then they can understand it better.

But if remedies and rashes creams are still not working and you are looking for some solutions then you are at the right place because you will be able to help out your little one to cure the rashes of the little tushie, but for doing that and helping your kid you need to use the right kind of product.

In this article, you will not only know about the right type of product for the little one but you will also get to know the formula for “choosing the right type of for the little one” you need a rash cream for you little baby to ensure that he/she can sleep peacefully next time after the rashes caused by the humidity of the diaper.

Follow the details to know more about the products and for knowing why it is important to pick a good fit for the little one.

Why do I Need Diaper Rash Cream?

When your baby gets the irritation due to the moisture and the bacteria of the diaper then it is considered as diaper rash. There are many types and all these types have different causes.

Every time parents will find the appearance of the rashes is different. Sometimes it is just the redness that causes discomfort and irritation on the bottom of the baby and he/ she cannot sleep peacefully.

And sometimes you will notice that baby is having pain between the legs and in the torso area, this is again due to the effects of the rashes. But in extreme situations, you will find out it will get worse and there will be infection and skin bleed.

These all kinds of rashes are very painful and discomforting for the baby and for the parents as well. These are some of the common rashes in the babies due to diapers but there are many other types of rashes which could be caused by various reasons which you will be able to find in this article.

You will get to know about many rash creams that are very useful for rashes and you will amaze to know that all the creams are available on the Amazon with good deals and your baby will be able to get rid of the rashes.

So using cream is important because nothing is more valuable than the babies’ health and fitness so parents would never hesitate to spend their money for getting rid of rashes from the bottom of the kids, but it’s more important to spend money on the right thing so you can actually get the perfect solution for the little one, isn’t it sounds peaceful already!

When you will get the right cream for the baby’s diaper rashes you will get to know that the cream works as a protective layer between the baby’s skin and the outermost part of the diaper.

These creams cover the many areas so if the rashes are due to the various reasons, you don’t need to worry about it because it will get healed by the protective layer of the baby rash cream, as it also includes the soothing materials in it to calm down the infections and the irritations.

Let us figure out what are the reasons for rashes caused by the diapers:

What Causes Diaper Rash?

When it comes to diaper rashes in babies you can’t limit your thinking to one or two reasons because there are many reasons are involved in it. So now we are going to dig deeper to know what these factors which cause the diaper rashes are.

And In the end, you will be able to know how you can reduce the intensity of the diaper rashes of course lot of care and consistency are required to get rid of the rashes for giving peaceful sleep to your kids.

The following are the factors which cause diaper rashes:


You have listened a lot in the advertisements and in the diapers is moisture but the fact is diapers are not fully moisture free and the baby’s bump is not 100% dry it causes rashes. As the child’s diaper is warm and when there is moisture in it, this is a perfect place for the fungal infections and for the potential irritation creating place. Parents need to use the rash creams to reduce the effect of moisture in the diaper which leads to the rashes on the bottom of the baby. You can get books from Amazon to know more about “how to prevent you, child, from the diapers’ moisture”

 Baby don’t know how to tell their parents when he needs to go to the toilet so when that urine mixed to the stool it causes the chemical reaction which results in the formation of the Ammonia and Ammonia is not good for the little ones’ soft skin and it causes rashes on the bottom of the baby it would cause irritation and the rashes on the skin.

Another major reason for the rashes due to the moisture is diarrhea because it combines with the diaper and additional moisture can cause irritation and sometimes it can lead towards the infection and the roughness of the skin. Babies’ skin is very soft and the rubbing of the diaper with skin with moisture leads towards the irritation and the roughness of the skin.

The chemical composition of the baby’s stool changes whenever you introduce a new food in their diet it can cause the irritation on the skin and it can also disturb the baby’s digestion and depending on the food if it has more acid it can irritate your baby while coming out of the baby’s diaper. Parents need to know the type of irritation and rashes because it is prominent and important to know the type to heal it. Knowing the food type rashes is important so you can instantly change the diet of your baby. But in case of more irritation and allergies its always better to visit your doctor.

Many chemicals are used to make the disposable diapers moreover perfumes and dyes are also used to make the diapers so sometimes the baby’s soft skin is too sensitive for the dyes, perfumes and for the chemicals. You will find chemicals in all diapers. And if you notice that the child is getting diaper rashes again and again then you need to change the brand instantly because there is no point to spend your money on the things which affect your baby’s health. Or maybe switching to the dye-free diapers or using clothes for sometimes will work for your kid.

When you are using cloth diaper for your kids then you need to keep in mind that there are chances of kids’ skin to get intact with detergents. Because those detergents will never escape the cloth fiber and the detergent will affect the child’s skin. Being a parent you need to pay closer attention to knowing the type of rash in your baby due to the diaper. But if using cloth diaper is the only option the use the detergents which are perfumes or dye-free and you can wash the clothes multiple times to reduce the amount of detergent from the fibers of the cloth.

The role of antibiotics is to prevent your baby from the effects of the bacteria especially when we are talking about the diapers. When antibiotics also kill the bacteria which is helpful for the baby’s digestive system. Baby can get yeast rash and swear infections due to the lack of useful bacteria in the gut and digestive tract. It would lead towards the yeast infection or diarrhea and these complications can cause the diaper rashes in the babies. Parents should first know the reason of rashes before solving the problem because it would give you the idea of putting their time and energy on the right thing.

These rashes are mostly confused with the bacterial rashes but these are actually fungal reactions. Moisture and warmth of the diapers are the most favorable conditions for fungus to grow. In addition to moisture and the warmth, diaper’s chemical can also cause the fungal infection on the kids’ soft skin. Parents will be able to know a lot about the rashes and their cure after reading this article so these are the benefits of buying products from Amazon that you actually get the additions knowledge about the issues related to that specific product. So there is no reason to forget the fungal infection because there are major chances that it could grow rapidly. The fungal infection needs to be treated with the specialized fungal cream, it doesn’t get cured with the ordinary diaper rashes cream.

Pro Tip

If you are using the cloth diapers then there are a lot of chances that your child will get the fungal infection, you have to make extra efforts to remove the yeast and fungus from the fibers of the cloth to get rid of it otherwise it would always come back. Your regular wash will not help you to get rid of the yeast and the fungus. Apply some antifungal cream and treat it with the suggestion of your baby’s skin specialist.

Identifying Diaper Rash

Visual examination is important for the identification of the diaper rash:

The following are the typical characteristics

You will find it on buttocks, thigs and on the genitals

Redness and skin damage

Dray patches and warm to touch

Sever Case
  • Cracked skin
  • Bleeding
  • Sore infection
  • Pustules

Yeast infection is actually candida growth and it needs a special type of treatment it would never by simple washing and rash cream so it is critical to tackling and visiting your doctor is a must ASAP!

Symptoms of Yeast diaper rashes
  • Bright redness
  • Border is clear
  • Bumps are raised
  • Occurs in the folds of the skin
  • Couldn’t fixed with the regular cream

Types of Diaper Rash Products


These are easy for the skin to absorb as these creams are water-based and best for the soothing for the irritating skin.

This thick product is to protect the soft skin of your little baby, it has skin conditioners and zinc for softening skin. These are not good for cloth diapers without using disposable liner.

These oily products stick on the top of the baby’s skin to create a protective layer on the baby’s skin to protect the roughness of the diaper on the baby’s skin.

Powders are also resistance-free material and good for absorbing the moisture moreover it also helps to reduce the friction between the skin and the rough layer of the diapers. You should avoid the fine powers because there are chances that the little one will inhale the powder.

What Should I Look For?

Types of Rash

You should go for the traditional cream if it is only the irritated bottom. But you know what to do in case of yeast! Yes, you are thinking right you need to treat it with anti-fungal cream.

Cream, Paste or Ointment

An ointment is best for preventative use, for healing the rashes and rough skin you should go for the cream and finally for the severe rashes thick past is a must use for skin healing and further protection.

Cloth or Disposable Diaper

A disposable diaper doesn’t affect the performance of the cream but if you are using a cloth diaper its fiber will sock the cream and there will be less effect of the cream on the skin.


Sometimes few ingredients in the cream can cause irritation and the infection, if the child’s skin is very sensitive then discontinue that specific brand and use some oils on the soft skin for the extra protection and to replicate the cream.

Here are the Best Diaper Rash Creams for Your Baby

1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm (Cloth Diaper Rash Cream)

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm (Best Diaper Rash Cream)


A clothing diaper has to be used very carefully because the products you choose along with them might ruin the fabric and make it a non-absorbent one. The best diaper cream you can choose is the one with all-natural products and avoid the ones which contain petroleum and zinc oxide.

However, finding a cream that does not have zinc oxide and petroleum in it is very less likely. The creams that are made with completely natural products helps in rinsing the diaper completely also provides a protective layer to your baby’s skin. It does not make any rashes and allows the skin to breathe.

Herbs that are antibacterial and antifungal are added which means that the yeast rashes which occur often can be prevented and treated as well. Many dermatologists have approved it by clinically testing it. Moreover, other allergens such as the lanolin, mineral oil, beeswax and petroleum are also not added in this.  

  • Does not contain any allergens
  • This is good for sensitive skin as well since it has an all-natural formation
  • You can use it on cloth diapers
  • Consists of both antifungal and antibacterial properties
  • Might get a little heavy on your pocket
  • The smell of it seems a bit too strong to some reviewers

2. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (Diaper Rash Cream Diarrhea)

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (Diaper Rash Cream Diarrhea)


Is your child fighting diarrhea? Then this is the best one that you need to get your hands on. Since this one is the best ointment or petroleum-based product, this could be the best one for your child. A moisture barrier is present that protects the skin of the baby without irritating them at all.

This is a very greasy and thick textured ointment yet very easy to apply without any pain. You can also wipe it off easily. The best solid barrier that protects your skin from the diaper fabric is provided through this diaper.

This Aquaphor ointment has panthenol and glycerin which is best helpful in moisturizing and nourishing the skin. So, if their bum is irritated, this might bring some relief to their lives. This Aquaphor is highly recommended by dermatologists, who keep in mind the issues of skin have formulated this specifically. A Baby’s skin is very sensitive and so that is very essential to keep in mind.

In terms of preventing and treating diaper rashes, parents have found this to be the best effective one. Other skin diseases such as eczema, chapped skin and cuts and scrapes are also protected through this.

  • Can be used for many purposes
  • This serves as an outstanding moisture barrier
  • Skin healing process is promoted
  • It has petrolatum in it
  • Consists of the potential allergens
  • Many parents find it a bit too greasy to use

3. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (Best for Your Little One)

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste (Best for Your Little One)


You know how active your child can be, so you need a diaper rash that best sticks for a longer period of time. Therefore, a cream that is thick textured will best suit your kid in comparison to ointments because they might rub off onto the diaper.

A pharmacist daddy has happened to develop this with just only 6 ingredients in total. Therefore, you know that your baby is not exposed to chemicals that are extremely harmful to the skin.

Primarily, it consists of zinc oxide, which gives the best thick barrier between the baby’s bottom and potential irritants. Other additional ingredients are there to soothe your baby’s skin because there are no medically strong scents present in it.

Moreover, it not only protects the skin from facing any kind of irritation but also helps in healing.

  • Treats and protects your skin well
  • Since the texture is thick, it gives maximum coverage
  • Economical because not much is needed
  • A pharmacist has made the formula of it
  • Has petrolatum in it
  • You cannot use it with cloth diapers

4. Cetaphil with Organic Calendula (Especially for Sensitive Skin)

Cetaphil with Organic Calendula (Especially for Sensitive Skin)


You see your baby highly irritated already? Do not put your child into a condition where they might get irritated even more. Therefore, you should choose an ointment or something that has no fragrances or dyes in it to cause any irritation.

Your baby’s bum is provided with the best barrier protection through zinc oxide and along with that, the calendula adds vitamin B5 and E which is helpful in calming and soothing the discomfort brought along with skin issues. Many dermatologists have sat together to formulate this and so it is the best hypoallergenic one. This is very good for babies since they have sensitive skin.

No parabens, colors, or mineral oil is added in this and is formulated in a creamy and easy to spread manner. There are very few ingredients used to manufacture it, there are very fewer chances of any ingredient to aggravate on your baby’s skin. 

  • Consists of organic ingredients
  • A good protection and safety is provided to the skin
  • When a rash is developed, it can heal and soothe the skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A potential allergen (sunflower oil) is used in it
  • The texture of it is not so thick

5. Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Ointment (Best for Toddlers)

Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Ointment (Best for Toddlers)


You love your baby and so does everybody else. Their skin is so sensitive and new that you do not want anything that might hurt them in any way. Therefore, you need to get your hands onto something that does not harm your child’s skin.

This product of Burt Bee’s has been widely known for producing high quality and gentle products, and this ointment has to prove that itself to be the best. Since it has all-natural ingredients, it is safe to use on your little one’s skin. There are no parabens, phthalates, or petroleum in it. 

40 percent of zinc oxide is used in it so that it avoids any kind of moisture which will irritate your little one. But, there are natural conditioners in it that nourish the skin as well. Pediatricians are there to assure us that it has been tested and it will be gentle to your baby’s skin. There is a very nice fragrance of it, not making you think of any medicines.

  • It is 100% natural
  • Does not have paraben in it
  • Consists of the best barrier protection
  • Has skin conditioner
  • Beeswax and lanolin are present (allergens for most of the babies)
  • Texture not so thick

6. Babo Botanicals Natural Cream (Natural Diaper Cream)

Babo Botanicals Natural Cream (Natural Diaper Cream)


Want a cream that is best and completely natural? Here is an option for you which has petroleum in it as well. Before you buy any, make sure you read the ingredients lists thoroughly and then choose so that your baby’s skin does not get irritated.

This cream has been built with natural products and nothing synthetic at all. Adding on to this, this cream has been made on an organic farm so you know it is definitely safe.

Again, just like others, this one has zinc oxide as a barrier, with anti-inflammatory extracts that are good for soothing the skin of your baby. Although this has been made in a small batch, the quality remains high, unlike the opposing ones where quality is not the major factor.

  • A fair trade is supported through this
  • Consists of all organic ingredients
  • Quality is really good
  • Has been made with natural ingredients
  • A bit too costly
  • A few ingredients have potential allergens in it

7. The Honest Company (Good for the Nreastfed Babies)

The Honest Company (Good for the Nreastfed Babies)


Where you are committed to providing the best food to your child, you might be aware of providing them the best at the other end as well. Therefore, I think that the products you choose should have natural ingredients in them and skip the ones which contain petroleum in it.

This diaper is plant-based and formulated with organic ingredients. Now, you are aware of the fact that this does not have anything that might hurt your little one at any cost. Zinc oxide, a protecting barrier from moisture, works also as an inflammation reduction that will not irritate your skin.

Certified by the NSF, this gives us a sigh of relief as well. This means that this diaper cream meets the standards of best health and safety also because it has been tested by physicians. When applying this, it is very gentle to your little one’s skin. Moreover, there are no synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oil, lanolin or even dyes. 

  • Formula is of organic ingredients
  • It is based on a plant
  • Does not have the common allergens in it
  • It is the best hypoallergenic
  • Some babies might get irritated by the coconut oil used in it
  • A lot of the reviewers have found the product separated

8. Weleda Diaper Cream with Calendula (Good for Open Sores)

Weleda Diaper Cream with Calendula (good for open sores)


Open sores are sometimes caused by diaper rashes. Therefore, for healing, the best treatment you can give to your child is by keeping their bum diaper free. But, there are chances that this solution might not seem so practical and you will end up using a diaper again.

However, if you plan to put the diaper up again, you should use a product that has zinc oxide so that it prevents open sores.

A pediatrician should be consulted who will suggest you with the best option and which antibiotic ointment would be suitable for your kid. Also, if the sores look infected, make sure you see a doctor immediately.

With the help of midwives, this cream was developed and so now we know that the products developed are actually going to do miracles. Additionally, this cream has been labeled a “natural” one by the European organization NaTrue.

Zinc oxide is 12% and it provides protection, the calendula extract and all other ingredients that are helpful in soothing the extremely irritated skin of your little one. No synthetic preservatives are used or any fragrances present. However, a replacement is done with traditional mineral oil with beeswax. Other ingredients are also added to soften the skin that needs healing.

  • It is a natural product
  • Zinc oxide is present in it
  • An anti-inflammatory calendula has in it
  • There are no synthetic preservatives (a very safe option for your baby)
  • Potential allergens such as beeswax and lanolin are present
  • There are many ingredients used to make it

9. Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal (Antifungal Diaper Cream)

Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal (Antifungal Diaper Cream)


Regular diaper creams will not affect your little one at all if there is yeast. An antifungal agent would be needed which is sadly, not added to the diaper creams at all. Therefore, if you do not find anything that is useful, then you can go for the counter cream which has clotrimazole (good for treating feminine yeast infections).

This fights the infection very well. But, there are chances you might not see any improvement in the coming two days then you need to go straight to a pediatrician.

Although this cream is specially designed for babies only but parents have also applied it to children who have yeast on their skin. They have found it to be very useful in these terms. There is petroleum, providing a thick layer of protection between the baby’s skin and the diaper’s wetness.

Moreover, there is an antifungal ingredient that will not let the yeast grow even further.

Since these diaper creams do not have antifungals formulated in them, you need to recommend a doctor first before you take another step. If they give you a go-ahead, then apply this to your baby otherwise don’t. this option is really nice to be in your cabinet and the entire family can take advantage of it to heal fungal infections.

  • There is the best moisture barrier provided through this cream
  • There is an antifungal ingredient which helps with the yeast
  • This product can do multi-functions together
  • This has not been approved for babies at all
  • There are synthetic products used to make it

10. A&D Diaper Rash Ointment (Best for Eczema)

A&D Diaper Rash Ointment (Best for Eczema)


Eczema can be very painful and irritating for your little one. With that, a diaper rash may create a huge chaos. A diaper cream that is very soothing and protective in nature will not inflame the soft skin of your baby.

The best barrier protection might not be provided by anything else than an oil-based ointment which consists of 53% of petroleum in it. This keeps away all the irritants and so your baby remains protected in all terms. Lanolin is also present, which is included to treat and heal the diaper rashes of your baby.

Since this is an oil-based ointment, it can be easily applied to the skin of your baby without causing any kind of discomfort while spreading it throughout. When you try cleaning it, later on, it is exactly the same. It is not thickly textured and so can be wiped off very easily.

You do not have to worry about rubbing the small tushie of your little one anymore. This diaper cream is highly recommended for parents who face rashes and skin issues with their babies regularly.

  • Very effective in terms of healing the skin
  • A best moisture barrier is very strong, hence, helpful
  • There is a strong fragrance of the cream
  • Potential allergens are present in it
  • A synthetic product, petrolatum is also present


You have seen many diaper creams now you can select as per your needs and depending upon the type of the rashes of your baby. But you just need to be care full in the case of fungal infection because that would not go away by using the ordinary creams. You can read more about it while selecting products on the Amazon stores.

But top pick in the list is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It lacks the potential allergens and nearly natural to take care of the soft skin of your baby, you can use it for any kind of rashes even for the fungal rashes because it has antifungal properties.

So parents should go for this cream. Parenting is a greater responsibility so you have to take care of baby’s need by checking the small details to ensure that you are spending your money at the right thing to solve the exact problem!