7 Best Nebulizers for Kids – 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

It is very difficult to handle a kid sick with breathing problems. In this tricky situation, it’s almost impossible to spare a moment to search for the best nebulizer for kids. At the same time, you can’t afford to compromise on the quality, when it’s come to your child’s health.

You would definitely need the Best treatments for your ailing child that’s why you also need to consider baby thermometer. This is the reason; we have completed this research part ourselves. Our purpose is to provide you the comfort of not making these critical choices for your child haphazardly.

We want you to make a well-versed decision that suits your kid’s requirements and conditions.

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Before we go on, it’s better to first discuss what nebulizers are and how do they function. It will assist you in further knowing what features are crucial for the best nebulizer.

If you are in a hurry and can’t dig into further details, we have listed the best nebulizers for kids here. Just give it a glance, and choose the one that suits you in the best way. However, we will suggest bookmarking this page, so you don’t miss any helpful information.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer device helps in treating breathing problems by converting medications from a liquid state into a fine spray form. It thus aids in inhaling these drugs conveniently.

 It can be powered either by electricity or a battery. In order to achieve its results, it makes use of compressed oxygen.

We can treat different illnesses using nebulized medications. WebMD says it includes allergies, COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, other respiratory diseases, and infections.

How does a Nebulizer works?

This device makes use of compressed oxygen to convert medicine from its liquid state to a mist form. It is then inhaled into the lungs easily with the help of a mask or a mouthpiece. This choice of cover, however, depends on the age of your child. 

Once these inhaled medications reach the lungs, they are rapidly absorbed in the exact place where treatment was required. This is the reason, nebulized medications are considered as the best treatments for various respiratory ailments.

The medicine, however, may include bronchodilators, steroids, antibiotics, or other anti-inflammatory drugs. The nebulizer therapy is sometimes also used as an alternative to metered-dose inhalers (MDIs). These inhalers could be hard to use accurately for children. A nebulizer provides a convenient solution.

There is a wide variety of nebulizers available out there that are suitable for kids. You can see a few pediatric nebulizers in this guide too. They come in amusing size and shape to make the treatment process entertaining instead of causing nervousness.

It is very crucial as the main purpose of nebulized medications is to comply with the child. If it isn’t the case, the kid might become cranky refusing to take medications at all. Do you think it would be possible to get the maximum benefit of this treatment then?

It is important to remember that you cannot use all of your child’s medications with this compressor. It is, therefore, crucial to discuss with the doctor before you make any decision.

7 Best Nebulizers for kids

There are varieties of features in a nebulizer that ask your consideration. It includes the design too, especially when you are buying it for your child.

In the below section, we have provided a detailed review of the few best nebulizers for kids. It will help you in knowing more about these crucial attributes.

1. Wave Medical WMP101

Wave Medical WMP101


Key Features

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Offers 3 years warranty
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds
  • Comes with a cool mist vaporizer system
  • Operates at 120VAC/60 Hz Electric power
  • Contains Sound Dampening Technology
  • Comes with travel bag, full mask kit, and five filters
Compact size wit PortabilityTransportabilityEffective WorkingAffordable Price

This nebulizer is one of the best options for those looking for a compact and versatile compressor. We are not saying it is very small to be held by hand. But, it is short enough to carry it anywhere with you conveniently.

It gives you the freedom to do the breathing treatments of your kid anywhere they want. It doesn’t operate on battery but you can even use it in the car with the help of an adapter.

This trait brings portability in this machine that is literally a must-have feature these days. So, you can enjoy a trip to anywhere without worrying about your child missing the medications.

This one of the best nebulizers for kid also comes with a handy carrying bag. It makes it even more transportable. Also, its weight is less than 4 pounds. You can adjust it in your backpack without putting excessive efforts.

As this device has a compressor of a tabletop model, its performance is remarkable too. Its large compressor is capable of converting medications into an aerosol form quickly as compared to other handheld nebulizers.

It also has the potential to offer some heavy duty functioning in a single day. It means you can trust this device if a doctor has prescribed nebulizing to your kid multiple times a day.

Besides vaporizer, this item also comes with a complete kit. It includes a reservoir cup, angled mouthpiece, air tubing, and separate masks for children and adults.

It means this WMP101 has a complete kit to assist your nebulizing procedure. It is equally useful for kids as well as adults.

Another worth mentioning trait of this nebulizer is its price. It is absolutely affordable. The manufacturers give a warranty of three years. This USA-made compressor allows you to take the maximum benefit of nebulizing while keeping your budget in control.

  • With its noise-reduction technology, it creates a serene and peaceful environment.
  • It is compact and light in weight.
  • Because of its travel bag, carrying it becomes a breeze.
  • It comes with a complete nebulizing kit for kids and adults.
  • It efficiently vaporizes medications.
  • Its four non-skid rubber feet prevent sudden accidents.
  • In order to use it in a car, you would need to buy an adapter separately
  • Its design is a bit boring.
  • You may find it hard to understand its cleaning instructions.

2. Cool Mist Inhaler – Best Adorable looking Nebulizer for Children

Cool Mist Inhaler


Key features

  • Operates at 120V/60Hz electric power supply
  • The Vaporizor system gives off a cool mist
  • Sound level is 60dBA
  • Comes with five air filters and complete inhaler kit
Charming AppearanceEase of UseAllows Free MovementPowerful CompressorDurability

This one of the best cool mist nebulizers is matchless with respect to its design. This unique compressor has an absolutely child-friendly design. The main body of this nebulizer is made up of a cartoon elephant.

It is blue in color and looks gracious. You might even confuse it with some kid’s toy. It seems like manufacturers of this cool nebulizer know the anxiety level of a sick kid going through various treatments.

Being a parent you must feel bad about your kid having fear of inhaling medications. It is such a helpless situation where you have to make your child face this frightening treatment repeatedly.

This Cool Mist Inhaler is a solution to these anxiety problems. The comforting appearance of this benevolent nebulizer can make your child forget about their illness. They would rather use it happily while playing with their other toys.

Pleasant design isn’t everything that this one of the best nebulizers offers. It gives ease of use as well. With a one-button functioning, you can operate it without facing any difficulty. Even children can operate it on their own if you teach them properly.

Another significant trait of this elephant nebulizer is its long tubing. It helps in treating your child while they keep playing in their room. Wouldn’t this feature assist you in nebulizing your kid any time of the day?

In order to make the inhaler procedure quickly, it comes with a strong compressor. It can convert the medication pretty soon to free your child as soon as possible.

Quiet Functioning

Normally, kids get scared of any machine that makes weird noises. This cool-mist nebulizer doesn’t make loud noises. In this way, it aids in keeping your child calm and happy the whole time during their breathing treatment.

  • Its child-friendly design fights against your kid anxiety
  • With its quiet functioning, it keeps your surroundings comfortable.
  • Its comfortable child mask is made up of high-quality material.
  • With its simple operation, it helps in making your kid independent.
  • Its powerful compressor saves time by delivering medications rapidly.
  • Because of its long tube, it keeps your child mobile during the medications.
  • You can’t use it in the car as it doesn’t support the adapter.
  • It is a bit heavier as it weighs over pounds.
  • The medications might leak out of the cup.

3. Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System Machine – Best Nebulizer for infants

Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor System Machine


Key features

  • Comes with less than 60 dB sound level
  • Needs electric power of 120V/60Hz
  • Weighs 3.1 pounds
  • Size dimensions are 4.3” x 7.0” x 7.5”
  • Complete quality warranty
  • Comes with air tube, cup, 5 air spongs, mouthpiece, child and adult mask.

If convenience is everything you want in your life, this cool mist inhaler is the best nebulizer option. Its body is simple and comparatively small in size.

Easy to Carry AroundEffortless CleaningEase of UseAffordability

The best point is its well-located handle. It allows you to take this compressor anywhere you want. Though you would need to attach a power supply, sitting at the same point will not be a constraint. As its lever will let you carry it anywhere anytime easily.

It is very common for kids to get bored with anything or any place. In this situation, you can change their treatment area frequently every day.

In this way, you can keep them involved in their medications. This cool-mist nebulizer greatly helps in meeting this goal.

Another amazing trait of this nebulizer is its easy cleaning procedure. Usually, cleaning such health-related devices is enough to give you a headache.

Luckily, this isn’t the case with this item. You can free it from harmful germs without going through any tiresome procedure.

It further gives you ease with its one-button operation. You can even make your older child operate it without asking for your help.

This compact nebulizer doesn’t ask you a hefty amount for its remarkable features. It comes in a nominal price range.

  • Because of its small size, you can store it conveniently
  • It is affordable
  • With its top handle, you can carry it effortlessly.
  • Its simple functioning gives your kids a chance to become independent
  • Its easy cleaning process assists you in keeping it clean every time.
  • Its design will not feel charming to children
  • It might feel noisier
  • You might feel it a bit heavier with its over 3 lbs. weight.

4. FIGERM Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor – Best Affordable Nebulizer

Cool Mist Inhaler Compressor


Key features

  • Uses 120V/60Hz electricity power supply
  • Comes with two years warranty
  • Weighs three pounds
  • Size dimensions 11.2”x 7.1” x 4.3”
  • Complete accessories kit available
Budget FriendlyExpedient top HandleQuick Medication Delivery

This nebulizer is one of the best nebulizers for those looking for some actually inexpensive option. With a limited budget, if you need to buy a nebulizer for your child, FIGERM is an appropriate decision.

This compressor has all features to accomplish your basic nebulizing requirements. You can even buy it when you need this device for a very short time period. It would be great to spend a small amount on an item that will be used for a trivial time period.

Also, if your insurance company doesn’t cover nebulizers or their replacement, FIGERM cool mist inhaler is your solution.   

Besides price, there are few other significant attributes of this cool mist inhaler. The top of them is its handle at the top. It gives you an opportunity to take the machine at any part of the home with great ease.

Moreover, you can also carry this nebulizer to your day trip or a stay anywhere. Even while staying at home, you can shift it to different areas. It will help to keep your kid enjoy other activities while continuing their breathing treatments.

It will be great to take this nebulizer in a living room. It will let your child join you in family discussions while going through these tedious medications therapy.

Though this device comes in a plain design, it is enough to fulfill your child’s necessities. Moreover, as its design is compact, storing and transferring it to other places would be a breeze.

This one of the best compressors will further make nebulizing easier for your kid by providing faster medication delivery. Wouldn’t it be annoying for your children to spend a long time putting a mask on their face? This Cool Mist inhaler frees them from this trouble to make their sick days even more comfortable.

  • It is available in the low price range.
  • Because of its built-in handle, carrying this nebulizer is very convenient.
  • Its rapid medicine delivery time helps many anxious kids out.
  • It is compact and efficient.
  • You can’t operate it with batteries.
  • Its design might not appeal to your child as it is very simple.
  • You might feel it slightly heavy with its 3 pounds weight.

5. FreePower- Best Portable Nebulizer for Children



Key features

  • Contains MESH atomization technology
  • Operates on mAh800 battery
  • Needs power supply by USB charging
  • Comes with a container capacity of 25 ml
  • Possesses Auto-off feature (5 or 10 minutes)
  • Weighs 97 grams only
  • Size dimensions 4.6 x 15 inches
Effortlessly Portable Low Noise LevelAffordable Price

If your family is very busy or travels a lot, this nebulizer is going to be the best option for you. The manufacturers have made this compressor while keeping the portability feature as their top priority.

It comes in a very small-sized and slim design. It thus gives you the freedom to put it in a small available space. You can even put it in your hand carry, or your child can take it in their backpacks.

Besides its compact size, it operates on rechargeable batteries. It gives you an opportunity to continue breathing medications no matter wherever you are.

It means your kid can even take their medications in a park or a playground. You can also nebulize during charging.

This nebulizer also assists in saving your kid’s precious time. This handheld device is lightweight and simple to be carried everywhere. Your child can keep performing their activities during the treatment.

In order to ensure maximum tranquility, this nebulizer doesn’t produce a loud noise. It is almost quiet and instead of notifying its presence continuously, it works silently.

This compressor can be the best option if you are looking for some additional device to be taken outside. It is pocket-friendly too.

However, as it is an ultrasonic nebulizer, you should check your child’s medication before using them. It is because few medicines aren’t proposed to be used with these compressors.

Otherwise, it is amazing to be used along with non-portable large nebulizers. It can help you in a situation if your child needs to perform multiple treatments in a single day. This one of the best portable devices won’t restrict them to stay inside the home all day long.

  • It comes in a reasonable price range
  • Because of its pocket-sized body, you can easily take it anywhere.
  • Its quiet functioning doesn’t disturb anyone around.
  • With its USB charging, it offers huge convenience.
  • You won’t get carrying case with it.
  • It can’t withstand multiple therapies a day.
  • Because of its ultrasonic approach, you can’t use some medications with it.

6. Yuwell HL 100A- Best Good Quality Portable Nebulizer

GoorDik Portable Compact Compessor Kit for Home Use


Key features

  • Produces a noise level of approximately 0 dB(A)
  • Weighs 85 grams only
  • Size dimensions 41.5 x 45 x 93 mm
  • Comes with CE, FDA, SG certification
  • Contains all accessories
VersatilityLightweightQuiet FunctioningHigh-quality ManufacturingEasy to use

If you are searching for a nebulizer that gives portability with versatility, Yuwell HL is the best option for you. The top-most benefit of this compressor is it gives breathing treatment while your child is moving around.

The second amazing trait is its capability to operate both on batteries and electricity power supply as well. It means when you can sit in a single place, you can attach it with the socket. It will let you save the batteries for future use.

Its body is light in weight, and the size is small too. You can carry it outside and perform your child breathing therapy at any place you want. These nebulizers are a great invention for kids who find these medications as a hurdle in their routine.

There is one more trait outstanding about this nebulizer. It is its noise level that is close to 0 dB (A). You can now continue your child treatment even at those places where creating noise is prohibited.

Furthermore, its quiet functioning will not disturb your child to perform their other routine activities.

This nebulizer has medical-grade quality and comes with various certifications. It includes CE, FDA, and SG.

Though this compressor is portable, it’s jet compressor allows using medications that need this specific functioning only. It is a great versatile nebulizer that you can keep as an additional piece to take outside.

This machine is also very simple to use. The instructions are very simple as well. Your older children can even operate it safely after getting the proper training that is easy too.

Overall, this Yuwell Nebulizer is one of the best options for kids who need multiple therapies in a day. It won’t restraint their daily routine. Also, it can be good to keep it as an additional machine for days when all you need is portability.

  • With its lightweight and small body, it can set fit almost anywhere.
  • Its quiet working gives peace of mind to young kids.
  • Its carrying case makes it even easier to use.
  • Its working is very simple.
  • Its appearance might feel boring to your child.
  • You can’t perform multiple treatments in a day.
  • Its batteries are not rechargeable.

7. Portable Mesh Steam Inhaler – Best Battery Operated Nebulizer

Portable Mesh Steam Inhaler


Key features

  • Weighs 119 grams
  • Size dimensions 37.6 x 37.6 x 97.7 mm
  • Gives dose in 10 minutes
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Comes with an Automatic shut-off feature
  • A USB cable, mouthpiece, and mask available
Advanced Features with PortabilityAverage Price RangeCompact Body and Simple WorkingMESH Technology

If you are looking for some portable nebulizer with advanced features, this steam inhaler is the best option. It gives you the independence of using at any place you want.

Moreover, it frees you from the trouble of changing batteries over and over again.  Its batteries are rechargeable. Another best attribute of this machine is its jet-fueled compressor. You can use most of your child’s breathing medications using this nebulizer.

The price range of this device is average. It isn’t very high and not too low as well. It is expensive as compared to the FreePower nebulizer listed above. In the meantime, it asks fewer bucks if you evaluate it against Yuwell’s Nebulizer reviewed above.

Its miniature body and lightweight gives you an opportunity to continue your child therapy at any location. You can even perform it while they are on their way to school. It can help in saving precious time that you would otherwise spend on nebulizing them.

This machine is also made very simple and easy to use. You can even instill a sense of independence to your children by letting them operate it on their own.

In order to give you the maximum benefit of inhaling treatment, it contains mesh technology. It makes vapors of all the medicine solution. Furthermore, the vibrating mesh decreases the chance of medicine wastage.

If you are a person or a family who travels a lot, this nebulizer is the best option for you. If your child needs multiple treatments a day, again this is a great compressor to allow routine activities.

  • Its lightweight body is painless to carry around.
  • It’s rechargeable batteries are convenient to use.
  • With its quiet operation, it maintains serenity.
  • It is effortless to operate this nebulizer.
  • Its mesh technology prevents medication wastage by utilizing the smallest particle.
  • A single charging cycle gives 50 minutes of operation.
  • You can’t use this device while charging.
  • As it is a portable size machine, its compressor might take longer to deliver the medication.
  • It couldn’t bear heavy usage.
  • Its design isn’t fascinating for kids.

Buyer’s Guide

Which features you expect from the best nebulizer for kids? Such questions might cross your mind when you search out the best possible machine for your child.

We understand your concern for your family and child’s well being. So, we have tried to answer all the relevant questions in this guide. It will be a source of help in your journey of finding the best compressor.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a Nebulizer

In this section, we will highlight the factors you need to reflect on while making the best decision for the nebulizer:

Child’s Requirements

You are buying a nebulizer for your kid. The requirements or condition of your child matters a lot while choosing an option. You should evaluate your child’s illness.

If a child is sick with allergies/asthma that needs occasional treatment, then a portable nebulizer should be your choice. It is because they are lightweight compact size machines capable of giving infrequent treatments well.

It would also be beneficial in a way that you can keep it in your purse or other bags too. It might help in providing breathing treatments outside when they are necessary.

However, there is one point that you need to remember. The larger nebulizers have big compressors. Their efficiency is higher.

They can deliver medications rapidly as compared to portable devices. Such devices also have the potential to provide multiple treatments in a single day.

Nebulizer Weight

As we were discussing the portable nebulizer in the previous section, the weight is somehow connected with it.

You shouldn’t worry about nebulizer weight a lot. It specifically applies when you are buying a portable compressor. It is because they are already very small in size and lighter in weight.

You won’t feel difficulty while carrying them anywhere. However, mobile nebulizers isn’t an option, you can still compromise on a weight factor. The reason is you won’t be moving the machine a lot.

In case, you are doing it, nebulizers usually don’t weigh a lot. They are quite easy to be taken anywhere. Undoubtedly, a carrying case or a handle can help in this regard.

Heavy-Duty Use

If your child’s sickness asks for various medications multiple times a day, you can’t go for the portable nebulizer. You will need a traditional model with a heavy-duty jet compressor.

Such machines would help in delivering medications quickly and effectively. They are good for providing multiple treatments in a single day too.

In this case, it will be the best option to buy a table-top model along with the portable one. The reason is your child needs nebulizer multiple times a day. The traditional model may restrict them to stay inside the home all day long.

The portable device can ease their frustration. It will let them enjoy their routine activities both indoor and outdoor. Should you buy a portable nebulizer alone? As we have already mentioned, they can’t handle the load single-handedly.

A table-top model shares the workload and makes the procedure efficiently.

It is also very crucial to check your child’s medications and discuss them with the doctor. Few nebulizers are not meant to handle every type of medicine.  Their compressor is not compatible with that specific medicine.

It is wise to discuss the model first with your child’s doctor.

Child’s Nature

Isn’t it wearisome to make hyperactive children sit at one place for breathing treatments? It is enough to consume all of your energy levels. You should consider your kids’ nature before choosing the nebulizer for them.

In the case of having a vigorous child, a portable machine can be a good option. It will give you an opportunity to complete medications while they are still running or playing around.

How to tackle the low working capacity of a portable nebulizer? You can purchase more than one high-quality compressors to perform repetitive therapies.

Child’s Behavior

Few kids feel scared of a nebulizer. The breathing treatments make them anxious. If it is the case with you, there are options available that tackle this problem.

Few of the kids’ nebulizers contain attention-grabbing appearance. They are made in the shape of some fascinating cartoon character with bright color schemes. It makes the kid enjoy the treatment instead of getting frightened of it. 

Ease of use and Maintenance

This particle factor is important to consider not only for a nebulizer but for every type of device you purchase. However, it becomes even more crucial if you have growing kids.

Such kids usually want to perform most of their jobs themselves. They want to be independent. In this scenario, a nebulizer with simple operation and easy cleaning can make your job a lot easier.

You can teach your child how to use this device or care for it. This lesson will even help in saving your precious time too while the child will be busy doing the breathing treatments.

Additional Accessories

Nebulizers come with few accessories that make the treatment easier. They are usually related to the cover that you use to attach with the mouth.

While purchasing a machine for an infant/younger child, it is important to check if a special mask is available. These masks are usually fixed with their heads. It helps in delivering all of the medication effectively right in their lungs.

Noise level

It is another significant attribute when you are going to buy a nebulizer for kids. The loud compressor can make young children scared of it. It may also disrupt their activities that would otherwise help in keeping them busy and calm during the procedure.

The quiet nebulizer is actually important for adults too. It can be frustrating for everyone around to hear the machine sound multiple times a day. If you buy a quiet device, nobody will know when and how your child is going through the treatment.

These are the major factors that you should see before making a final best decision about your kids’ nebulizer.

Concluding Thoughts

Nebulizers are considered as one of the most effective ways to treat respiratory illnesses. They efficiently send medications right inside the lungs.

It is not very simple to buy health-related equipment for your child. The major reason is you become excessively conscious and needs the best. Also, because of their inflexible behavior, you need a machine that helps in completing their medication dose.

In this piece, we have sorted out a list of 7 Best Nebulizers for your kids. It includes compressors from different categories to suit your requirements.

You shouldn’t forget that it is important to discuss details with your doctor. As we have discussed previously, all of these machines are not compatible with all of your child’s medications. You need to evaluate them separately.